Day 4 – 9.17.16 Wellington and Cape Town, South Africa

We had an awesome three course breakfast at Bayflowers. The owners Michael and Jeanne are amazing. They are very personable and take great interest in the well-being of their guests. They are so charming and some of the happiest moments of our trip was talking with them!

This trip had a lot of firsts: first time in Africa, first time driving on the left side of the road, first time flying on a Dreamliner, and first time using Uber! The Cape Town Board of Tourism recommends Uber versus bus and taxi, so we took a chance.

Our first Uber ride was to the Woodstock neighborhood of Cape Town. It is an up-and-coming area with the Old Biscuit Mill, several fine breweries and great graffiti art. We spent most of the day browsing the shops, taking in a pint at a couple of the breweries, listening to fine scatting and jazz, and viewing nice art.

We took an Uber ride back to V&A Waterfront to meet Claudia Dieckmann at the marathon expo. This was another year in the making. She is a volunteer at Multiple Sclerosis South Africa and has been helping me promote my adventure and advising me on travel ideas. Unfortunately, I did not make a very good first impression…

On the drive to the waterfront, I started getting car sick. I took off my scarf and jacket. When I stepped out of the car, my mobile wifi device, compliments of XCom Global, feel off my lap. It took about five minutes for me to realize I had lost the device and the Uber driver was already long gone. My heart instantly sank and my knees buckled. I felt like I was going to faint. When I met Claudia, I was very abrupt and said “Hi! Nice to meet you! I have an emergency! I need your help!” Claudia is so cool that she completely understood.

Claudia - Cool, Calm and Always S'Myelin
Claudia – Cool, Calm and Always S’Myelin

Aside: It took three days of going around in circles with Uber to finally get the driver’s number. I was already back home in San Diego. However, the ever-so-awesome Claudia called the driver for me. She collected the device and it is being mailed back to me. XCom Global was so understanding and are totally okay with the late return. I am so grateful to Claudia and XCom Global.

I guess the guidebooks are correct and I should remain vigilant at all times. Another stressful day. I could not sleep a wink and it was the night before the marathon!