Day 4 – 10.8.16 Bunos Aires

Today was an easy day of touring. We didn’t want to tax our legs too much the day before the marathon.

Most things open late in the morning here in Buenos Aires. One of the few establishments that does open early is Starbucks. That’s not an excuse to go to Starbucks, but even the little cafe next to our flat was still closed at 9:00AM!

Starbucks in Recoleta

The Feria de Recoleta is a pretty cool artist fair. We enjoyed perusing the booths and admiring the local crafts.

Feria de Recoleta

Next we strolled a mile to the Museo de Latino Americano de Buenos Aires (MALBA). It is one of the major museums in the country. It featured modern art and showed quite a bit of strife. It was very educational. Also, Yoko Ono had an exhibit and featured a lot of butts and nipples, plus some interactive displays. It’s art.

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We called it day at 3:00. We spent the afternoon resting our legs, hydrating, and getting pumped for the marathon! It’s a three day weekend in Argentina, so hopefully the thundering music in the echoing courtyard will die down early…

Race Ready!