Day 3 – 9.16.16 Wellington and Cape Town, South Africa

Brian and I woke up early to get a head start on the car repair. This time we knew exactly how to get to the garage because I took pictures of all the landmarks and turns. The repair shop was very accommodating. Rather than us waiting there, they drove us back to our bed and breakfast, Dunstone Country Estate, without charge. The mechanic actually used our rental car to drive us back, oddly not the company truck, but it was still very kind!

Back at the B&B, we enjoyed a very leisurely three course, two hour breakfast. We chitchatted with the hotel manager and other South African guests about culture, politics, the health care system and fun stuff to do in Cape Town. The great conversations took our minds of the car and we were finally able to relax for a little. B&Bs are so much more enjoyable than cookie-cutter hotels!

We walked around the Dunstone property as we continued waiting for the car. It was raining and made for a lovely walk. Except we ran into some pot belly pigs. I like pigs, but they charged after me! I got scared!

When the car was ready, the mechanic came back to pick us up. This time he drove his own truck and took us back to the garage, via the ATM so we could pay in cash. The rental car was in mint condition! We were so relieved! Our time in Wellington was very stressful and I’m glad we survived.

Brian was anxious while driving the car back to Cape Town. It was raining very hard. All we wanted was to return the car and get it off our hands. The accident, repairing the car and driving on the left side of the road was too much for our fragile nerves. We made it to Cape Town safely and the rental car agent said the car is perfect. (Sigh)

We checked into the Bayflowers Guesthouse in Green Point area of Cape Town. The house was beautiful. We dropped off our stuff and walked to the V&A Waterfront for the marathon expo. We were happy to start a new chapter in our vacation.

The first thing on the agenda at the expo was to find the Multiple Sclerosis South Africa booth. After almost a year of emails I finally met Non Smit, Director MSSA. She made me cry! Non is a compassionate and beautiful woman. She lifts your spirits and makes you feel like you can do anything despite having MS. MSSA is so lucky to have her.

Lovely Non

After we left Non, it was fitting that we went to the Diamond Museum… first meeting a precious gem, then to learning about them. The museum was educational and we had a private tour. It ended in a diamond showroom. Brian quickly escorted me out.

We walked back to the B&B in the dark. We got lost. So far we have done everything “wrong” in Cape Town. We walked alone at night, whipped out an iPhone in the middle of the street, and acted like tourists by taking pictures. Sometimes guidebooks are so over-cautious … or are they…