Day 3 – 10.7.16 Buenos Aires

Yay! No ear zappies! I slept through the entire night with only a dozen coughing fits, but no painful electric shocks in my ear! I could tell today was going to be awesome…. Haha!

We are actually staying in a flat and not a hotel. It’s much cheaper this way, but it also means we don’t have a concierge to help with questions or bus directions. So we relied heavily on Internet access (Thank you XCom Global for the complimentary 125 World mobile WiFi device!). We learned we needed a “sube” card to pay for rides, as the buses are now on a cashless system. We went to a “kiosko” to buy the sube, but that store only sold the card. We had to walk a few blocks to find another kiosko that could load the card with pesos.

When the sube was settled, we hopped on a bus for the Buneos Aires Marathon Expo. “Mierda! Direccíon incorrecta!” The driver kindly stopped the bus and let us off. We got on a bus going the opposite direction, but then I panicked because I felt like we missed our stop. Brian, in his limited high school Spanish, asked the driver. It sounded like we had four more bus stops to go. We got off and then determined we were still 1.8km (more than a mile) away from the expo. “Mierda!” We decided to walk the rest of the way. It was not bad after all because we got to enjoy some fun graffiti art in the neighborhood of Palermo. The ordeal was not awful, but it did take us two hours to just go 5km!

The expo was mobbed and pulsing with dance music. I really felt excited for the race.

We met Lucho Mayorga, Press Director for the race. We’ve been in contact for awhile over Twitter and it was great for me to finally meet him. He is going to publish my adventure on the marathon’s website. Lucho also gave us VIP passes to a special tent at the marathon start/finish. We are very appreciative. We didn’t bring warmups and it is supposed to be cold that morning. This should solve that problem.

Lucho Mayorga

We took another bus (right direction) to Jardín Botaníco. It started to rain, but being from California, we didn’t mind. Unfortunately, the garden closed early that day for no apparent reason other than we are in Buenos Aires and things don’t always go as planned.

We decided to go back to the flat to reset. When we opened the door we were disgusted to see our room had been invaded with a swarm of black flies. We left the back door open for ventilation because the air conditioner is not turned on for the season yet. We spent the next 30 minutes killing 23 black flies and 2 mosquitos. Brian’s “zapatillas” are now in the “basura.”

After the killing spree, we went to the Recoleta Cultural Center. What a surprise! We had a nice evening filled with virtual reality works, interactive displays and some interesting art pieces. None of it was really our cup of tea, but good to keep an open mind.

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Afterwards we went to a very hip brewery and had happy hour at 8:00PM on a Friday night! I was still sick and could only finish half of my pint, but at $3.25, I didn’t mind.

Crafter's Brewery

All in all, the day started off a bit slow and annoying, but we turned it into a spectacular day!

Update: 24 black flies!