Day 1 – 9.14.16 Inverdoorn, South Africa

After 35 hours of travel time, we made it to Cape Town, South Africa! Day one was technically the 13th, but we arrived at 9:30 pm and crashed at a cheap airport motel. The next morning on the 14th, we walked back to the airport, had a bit of a hassle getting our rental car (Brian will discuss the “Carolla Curse” in his September’s Musings), and then drove 2.5 hours east to Inverdoorn Game Reserve.

Disclaimer: No fundraising dollars were used for the car or game reserve.

Our room was very sleek and modern, unlike the airport motel. The property had lovely flowers and a cactus garden which we enjoyed touring before our afternoon safari. We also engaged in a mini-fari trying to photograph wild birds.

During safari, we came upon cheetahs (just 5 feet from Brian), springboks (South Africa’s national animal), a herd of Cape buffalo, zebras (pronounced with short a “e” as in Debra), bashful kudus and antelopes.

The sad part of the day was seeing the grieving rhinos. The  mother was drowned and killed that morning by two hippos. We asked why hippos would kill a rhino since they are vegetarian. The ranger said hippos are very territorial and were protecting their lake from the thirsty rhino. At Inverdoorn, they shave off the rhinos’ horns to deter the poachers. If the rhino still has her horn, she would have won the fight against the hippos.

After safari and hearing that story, we had dinner. I’m happy we are vegetarian!

We went to bed at 8:00 because we were still plagued by jet lag, plus we had to get up at 5:00 am for morning in safari.

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