My Sponsors: Coolcore

A series of shout outs to my awesome sponsors!

Coolcore invited me again this year as an ambassadorship for 2017! I am so excited because they have revamped their line of running gear and I think the colors and designs are great! They launch their new performance apparel on June 7th, National Running Day. If you shop at Coolcore and enter ‘chile’ in the coupon code box, you will receive 15% off your order.

Coolcore creates performance fabrics to aid in thermoregulation. All of their fabrics have patented technologies to promote moisture wickingwithout chemicals. They are the first US company to receive the Innovative Technology award from the Hohenstein Institute in Germany, an international research center that tests and certifies textile products. Coolcore is also the winner of the Best Innovation for Sports and Outdoor Apparel from the ITMA Future Materials Awards.

You know I am a nerd and the Coolcore technology is impressive to me. Here is a neat video explaining how the fibers work to keep you cool.

As a person with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), thermoregulation is important to me because nerves do not conduct well in the heat. As I run and my core temperature rises, the right side of my body goes numb. Sometimes I cannot feel the right side of my face, my hand goes limp and I cannot open a water bottle, or my right leg feels heavy and drags. I have been running with MS for over 10 years, so my body knows what to do, I just cannot sense well where I am in space. If it is a particularly bad day, I also experience electric shocks that run from my upper back, down my right arm and right leg. It can be miserable, so staying as cool as possible is important.

Coolcore sent to me several pieces of clothing from their new line before my trip to New Zealand. I tried them on right away and was really impressed with the nice feel and women’s cut. I was motivated to do speed work the next morning wearing the tank top and headband.

I ran indoors on the treadmill because I wanted to purposely get hot. My experiment was not a rigorous study like at the Hohenstein Institute, but it was good enough for my personal review. I ran hard and got sweaty, but I did not wilt. I took off my sweaty headband and I was happily surprised. The headband was cool to the touch. It was cooler than the air around me, even when I went outside. Same with my tank top. I hope Coolcore comes out with sports bras soon!

I wore my Coolcore running tights and shirt on the 35 hour travel from San Diego to Christchurch (layovers in Los Angeles and Auckland). We all get sweaty when we travel - dragging luggage, rushing through terminals, running to catch the bus, holding in your cookies during air turbulence, etc... Despite all the bustling and a days’ worth of grime on my skin, my clothes felt comfortable. Coolcore will be my preferred travel clothes from now on for long haul flights!

Despite my shirt being happy after a long travel day, I still felt compelled to wash it in the bathroom sink. I like to pack light and I try to do laundry while on vacation. However, in Christchurch everything is so expensive. I decided to wash in the hotel room rather than paying $8 per load. My shirt dried overnight and wringer free. It was very easy!

I ran the Christchurch Marathon with my Coolcore short sleeve. It was very cold at 3-5 centigrade with 22kmh winds from the south (i.e. cold Antarctica air) and strong rains at times. I had a thicker top layer and a poncho. I obviously did not get to completely appreciate the innovative cooling fabric because the weather was too frigid, but the soft material served as a great base layer. My husband had the getup and feels exactly the same. He loves Coolcore, too!

We will be spending the rest of our vacation hiking. I’ll be posting pictures with more Coolcore clothes on my Facebook page

Thank you Coolcore for your support and I am honored to be part of such an innovative company!