My Sponsors: Fitletic Running Belt

A series of shout outs to my awesome sponsors!

Fitletic was created by a real runner who simply wanted to run hands-free. I say a “real runner” because she was not just a business person looking only to make a buck. Rather, the owner wanted to enhance her running and make it a more comfortable experience. She was motivated and created a fantastic product that other runners, including myself, like to use!

I have never worn a running belt before. I have tested various brands at expos, but none interested me. However, because of the 7 marathons on 7 continents, I knew I needed a belt because of all the gear I need to carry: iPhone, mobile wifi, GoPro, gels, etc…

I chose to approach Fitletic simply because I liked their story and their website is pretty cool! I emailed them for ideas on how to outfit a running belt (they have various sizes and add-ons). I also told them about my crazy adventure and they fully embraced my quest! Right away, they mailed complimentary running belts. I received a double pouch Donna II, plus an iPhone add-on, and they gave Brian the Neo I. They also gave me a nice little t-shirt and visor!

Fitletic Gear

When I received the package, I was worried because the belt seemed bulky. However, once I adjusted the straps and put it around my waste, I was very impressed. The material is sturdy, yet soft to the touch, and forms to your body nicely. On my first training run with my belt, I had to adjust the straps a little. However, once I figured out the right sizing and placement on my hips, the belt felt perfectly fine.

Brian and I both used our belts at the Cape Town Marathon on 9/18/16. In the larger pouch, I carried a credit card (brilliant secured interior pocket), 4 gels, 1 oz Vaseline tube, and a spare GoPro battery. In the smaller pocket, I had my GoPro (silicon skin cover and lens protector). I had planned on carrying a mobile wifi device, too, but unfortunately lost it the day before. Brian carried my iPhone, three large skeleton keys for the hotel (really bulky), tissue, and couple of gels in his belt. The belts held up nicely during the entire marathon. No chaffing, no losing things, and no falling pants! We had no trouble whatsoever (Brian said, “didn’t even know it was there.”)

My only regret is that I did not take better pics of the belt while running. I am still new at this and I promise the next post at the Buenos Aires Marathon will be way better!

Sucky picture, but at least you can see the belt is flat on our bellies and not obtrusive!
Sucky picture, but at least you can see the belt is flat on our bellies and not obtrusive!

Thank you Fitletic for your generosity and supplying Brian and me with awesome gear!