My Sponsors: BIC Bands

A series of shout outs to my awesome sponsors!

Sandy Pearson joined Team in Training to help her run her first half marathon. She needed a way to raise funds for the program and came up with the brilliant idea of creating non-slip headbands. Her headbands were a hit and she raised over $1000 for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! Due to the success, she decided to turn her headbands into a business. Now you can see Sandy and her cute headbands at all the major running expos around the USA, and of course, on her website (use coupon code “CherylBIC” for 10% off)!

Sandy fittingly named her headbands BIC Bands. BIC stands for “Because I Can!” Her mission is to “raise funds because we can…for those who can’t so that one day they will!”

My first BIC purchase was in 2013 at Bolt to the Q 5K in San Diego. I was drawn by the pretty patterns and functionality of the headbands. What impressed me, though, was the idea of Because I Can. The sales girl told me that BIC donates to a charity each month. As a person with MS, that touched my heart. I bought 6 headbands that day and now I only buy BIC Bands.

My BIC Bands

I met Sandy in person at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas expo in 2015. I told her about my 7 Marathons on 7 Continents adventure. She offered right away to help me fundraise! I didn’t have to ask.

Sandy said I could create my own pattern and she would make the headbands. As a totally clueless person on drawing/paint software, I searched for pictures on the public domain instead. I was immediately drawn to the patterns of Venetian marbled paper because it reminded me of my first trip to Europe. I went to Greece and Italy and that vacation ignited my lifelong passion for travel. So, it felt symbolic for me to use the marble pattern for headbands that I will be wearing around the globe! Again, being an inept person on software, my friend Jennifer Folkestad took the image and cut it down into files that worked for Sandy.

Sandy printed the pattern, then assembled, sewed and packaged all the headbands. My initial image was enough for 4 cuts, so Jennifer created 4 files. I told Sandy to pick the best one to print. She decided on all 4 and she donated 40 BIC Bands for my fundraiser!

My adventure involves 4 languages: English, Spanish, German and Japanese. I have named the designs in these languages.

(Click each pattern for larger view)

Inspire = English for “Inspire”



Animar = Spanish for “Encourage”



Läufer = German for “Runner”



Kenk? = Japanese for “Health”


The requested donation for one of my commemorative BIC Bands is $17.00 (or $60.00 for all four designs). I searched other non-slip headband companies and the average rate is $15.00 (includes BIC, Sweaty Bands and Sparkly Soul). This is a fundraiser and my bands are so freakin cool that I hope you will be motivated to donate for a headband! You can donate on my CrowdRise page,  or donate via cash or check to avoid CrowdRise fees. Please contact me to coordinate donation and shipping.

Thank you so much for your support!

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