Day 5 – 9.18.16 Cape Town Marathon

I did not sleep a wink the night before the marathon! I was too nervous and could not calm my mind. Cape Town was my 50th marathon, but I still feel like a newbie. There were two other hotel guests that were first timers and we spent the evening lounging with them and giving advice. Typical marathon tips, like wearing nipple Band-Aids and taking anti-poo pills.

Marathon morning had perfect weather. I was worried because two days prior there was huge rain storms and the day before had 20-25 mph winds. Sunday morning was about 50F with very little wind. It warmed to maybe 70F, but it was manageable in terms of MS. I did not get too weak and had fair functioning of my right hand the whole time.

There was a lot of energy at the starting line with 8,000 runners. Fifty-six nations were represented and hearing all the different languages around me made me feel like I was part of a huge event. I was really impressed when the national anthem was played and ALL of the South Africans sang along at the top of their lungs. It gave me goose bumps!

Table Mountain

The marathon course was mostly flat and had gorgeous views of Table Mountain. There was one really tough 4 mile stretch. Cars drove alongside us and the fumes made my throat soar. The camber was very strong and my hip and knee were screaming at me.

A few people gave me words of encouragement as they passed and a couple of runners asked about my brace. One lady was really moved. She asked if she could pray for me and I said sure. I figured she would pray after the race or something, but she actually started praying out loud. For 2 minutes! It was sweet and at least it took my mind off my knee pain for a little bit!

Downtown with KG

Our splits were 2:13 and 2:45. Even though we slowed down a lot, I did not feel bad. The whole experience was amazing and I have Brian to thank for pushing me through to the end.

The South Africa Multiple Sclerosis group was at the finish line. One of the highlights of the marathon was seeing their smiling faces. Thank you Non, Claudia and Jade for your support and friendship. You made our whole trip much more magical!

Finish Line with Non and Claudia

Cape Town Marathon done and Buenos Aires Marathon on 10.9.16 to follow…

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Due to issues with slow hotel wifi, my blog posts had to take a backseat. I am posting a little out of order because I wanted to write about the marathon as soon as possible.