Day 1 12.8.16 – Honolulu, Hawaii

Although we had to wake up at 3:31 AM for our flight to Honolulu, I knew it would be an awesome day. We drove into the airport parking lot and the first spot we found was number 326. This is our 3rd marathon (26.2 miles) of the adventure. I love numbers!

Spot 326

After checking into the hotel we walked to the Honolulu Marathon Expo. We met Chris Lotsbom, a member of the Honolulu media team. He interviewed me a few days ago on the phone and his photographer took some pictures of me for the story (check back later for link).

Honolulu Media Team

The expo was great. It was like a mini preview of the Tokyo Marathon next February. The Japanese love the Honolulu Marathon and they have a huge presence at this race. All of the signs were in English and Japanese. And some booths were all in Japanese!

We also enjoyed some music and hula dancing. We marveled at the dancers’ graceful moves.

Up next was a 1.5 mile walk to the Beer Labs Brewery. It was raining and I had a bit of a hard time with my flip flops. My sandals were getting really wet and my weaker foot kept sliding. A better name would be “flick flop” because with each step, I flicked dirty water onto the back of my leg. Ew! Anyway, the brewery was cool and the porter was tasty. It was worth the walk.

Beer Labs

It’s Been a long 20 hour day. As you can see, my heart rate is down to 55bpm. I’m winding down for bed. Good night!