Day 1 – 10.4.16-10.5.16 Buenos Aires


Two weeks ago our flight from Cape Town to San Diego was 35 hours with layovers. San Diego to Buenos Aires was 20 hours, but I’m sick so it felt like forever and a day.

On the plane I thought about a woman who commented on a CrowdRise FB post about me. She said I make it looks easy [running marathons], but her mom has MS and is miserable. I guess I do make it look easy because I rarely post about the pain I go though. Look at this picture. You would not think I have a cold. I smile through everything.

To BsAs

Uhtoff Syndrome is a phenomenon where MS symptoms worsen with the heat. I am sick right now and my body is very hot. On the plane ride I was going through terrible pain (and I still am). My eustachian tubes are swollen and there is a lot of pressure in my ear, which was even more apparent on the airplane. I had electric shocks in my neck and ear, every 5-10 seconds for 10 hours straight. Some of pulses were so strong that it made me want to thow up. Imagine sticking your finger in a light socket. For 10 hours that is what it felt like. Also, my right hand lost function. I couldn’t even open my fingers. I went to the bathroom and had a hard time buttoning my jeans. I have not slept in two days, yet I still push on and manage to go sightseeing.

We arrived Buenos Aires in the morning on the 5th. It was too early to check into the hotel, so we just dropped off our bags and took a long walk. We visited the Predential Museum at Casa Rosada. Getting there wasn’t easy. There were barricades because of a protest march, but we managed to find a back way into the museum. We followed a Spanish tour group. We had no idea what was going on, but we were allowed access into a guarded room and saw some really interesting murals.


We walked around the Centro, saw some graffiti art, visited a cathedral, and stopped in a cafe for pizza. Los Porteños (people of Buenos Aires) are of Spanish and Italian descent and pizza is prominent. However, being sick, I couldn’t even finish one slice of pizza. You know something is wrong when I can’t finish one slice of pizza!

Then we had happy hour at Bullers Brewery. Actually, only Brian had happy hour. The thought of beer nauseated me, but I enjoyed watching Brian have beer,  Again, you know I’m sick when I can’t raise a pint with my hubby.

Bullers Brewery

We called it an early night at 8:00PM. We had very little sleep on the airplane. And I was to have very little sleep again… I woke up in the middle of the night hacking up a lung and the ear zaps started and lasted all night long.