About Me

~ I met the love of my life in 1995 and, to this day, we still act like giggly school kids in love. We were married in Jamaica in 2005 and we renewed our vows in Bahamas in 2015. We wore the same exact wedding outfits for our renewal.

~ My mantra is “I do what I can and never give up.” I created it when my former neurologist told me to “lower my expectations.”

~ Due to MS, the neural pathway from my brain to my right foot is weakened. Consequently, I trip while running and must wear an ankle-foot orthotic to prevent falls. I finished the Carlsbad Half Marathon in 1/2007 with a time of 1:50:29. I could have made it under 1:50, but I fell twice and after the second fall, the subsequent mile was 30 seconds slower because I was trying not to cry.

~ To date, I have completed 48 marathons and 50 half marathons

~ I purchased a road bike in the event that someday I can no longer run. Since, I have participated in Bike MS 4 times in 2 states.

~ I am on the Pi World Ranking List for reciting π to 1,915 decimal places from memory

~ I am a Patient/Peer Speaker for Biogen

~ I am an Ambassador for BIC Bands: Non Slip Headbands, Dr. Cool, and Running Skirts

~ Articles: Women’s Running Magazine (Jan 2016), EverydayHealth.com (Nov 2015), Boeing Classic (Aug 2015, page 81)

~ I lived in Seattle for three years and volunteered at the Northwest Chocolate Festival three times. It was the best job ever!