7 on 7 in 12

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When I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in October, 2006, I was simply devastated and very scared. I dealt with the resulting depression by running; however, I soon began tripping and falling. After stumbling twice in a race, finishing with bloody knees, I went to see my neurologist. She said it was drop foot, a common symptom of MS, and she told me to “lower my expectations.” That was upsetting. I was determined not to let MS beat me!

An awesome orthotist built a custom carbon ankle foot orthotic (AFO). The brace holds up my forefoot and I can run without fear of falling. Since, I have completed more than 200 races, including 31 marathons. My mantra is, “do what I can and never give up!”

Besides the AFO, I am incredibly lucky to have an amazing husband. Brian’s love, encouragement and willingness to run with me gives confidence and helps me get through the tough miles late in the race.

Brian and I are embarking on an adventure. I want to become the first person with MS to run 7 marathons on 7 continents in 12 months. I am definitely not lowering my expectations! By doing this, I hope to inspire people never to lower theirs. I want to encourage others, with or without MS, that they should “do what they can and never give up.”